Sketch: Houses on riverside

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ISMC Race Ideas Bundle By TristamK

“Special map for all who want find good ideas for map.”


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Pictures by Salatiel

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Wrack’s Marching Cubes – Nazgul and Deathhound (& Playermodel)

Many thanks to TristamK for giving me the mapfiles! Sculptures generated by Khorne.

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Wrack’s Marching Cubes Study

Sources he used:

Zip.File: wrack_marchingCubes_forum

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Terrain by Galaxy

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The Beauty of Racemaps – ft. TristamK

TristamK released a pack of new racemaps. There are some true beauties in it!

“After many hours of work the biggest update for this race maps pack is done. 46 (!) new maps a ready to be tested by players of Sauerbraten. Some of you will go through all of them. Some of you stop at half. Some, to my deepest regret, will not pass a single one. But I’m sure that these maps will give you a lot of new emotions. In fact, most of these maps will be difficult to pass. Part of them is an experiment. Some of them are transferred from other games. And other maps better not to show people in Cube 2 at all XD. ”
(TristamK on Discord #sauercom)

You find all links in the video description on youtube.

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spooky2 by Corus – Still in the making!

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dark_sauer by Corus – Still in the making!

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