The Magic of Induction

Wireless power supply. In the white square below the glass surface is a coil made of cupper wires, which create an electro-magnetic field. Little blue LEDs are placed in the center and connected to very small coils which are synchronized to the electric oscillation of the big coil. In every small coil, an oscillating current is generated, powering one of two LEDs placed in each of those small coils, depending on the direction of the current, which is changing with the oscilliation.

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Extract from Kickstarter Campaing:

“A new eye-catcher for your bar, shisha-lounge or at home – Induc Glasses need no battery, no maintenance, no effort – and provide exclusive atmosphere.

Your guests will gape when glasses, ashtrays or vases start glowing, smoothly englighted from below when put down on the table. You can easily equip any surface with that effect without increasing the height of the surface more than 1cm, no matter what surface material. (Except metal)

Appropriately prepared objects will shine, no matter where on the surface you put them, no matter how many of them you put down at the same time or how big they are.
An effect that is not comprehensible by guest, surprises them and provides new topic for conversation.



Enlights any appropriately prepared object, placed on the prepared surface
Provides fancy atmosphere
No visible power supply
Any surface can be equipped
Practically no limits for number and size of objects
No maintenance, no batteries, nearly unlimited lifetime
Solved Problems
Provide adequate frequency
Create appropriate interferences for wireless power supply
Reach a minimum of necessary power supply for not disturbing mobile phones etc.

Club 74 – The Start

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